2 Types of Dentures We Offer for Dental Patients

Serving patients in Hudson and Orrville, Ohio, Village Dental offers comprehensive denture services. Our dentist can assist you if you are interested in milled or printed dentures. Learn more about the three most common dentures available for our dental patients.

Pala Digital Dentures

At Village Dental, we specialize in Pala Digital Dentures. These dentures can fulfill several requirements, including:

  • Partial set of dentures
  • Complete full dentures

Partial dentures replace a few teeth, while complete dentures include top and bottom teeth with an arch. The arch mimics the gum tissue to provide structure to your mouth.

Printed Dentures

Another type common to Ohio patients in Orrville and Hudson is 3D-printed dentures. These are high-quality dentures that are printed using a dentist-approved three-dimensional printer.

Biocompatible denture resin comprises digitally printed dentures. Dentures made in this manner are designed to last a lifetime. With proper care and upkeep, your printed dentures will look brand new for years to come.

Choosing the Right Dentures

To decide which dentures are the correct fit for your budget and lifestyle, visit our dentist. We have several dentists who are trained and equipped to provide you with dentures.

This is an area of expertise that involves millwork and cosmetic dentistry. Allow Village Dental to show you how well our dentures can work for your dental needs.

Why Get Dentures

When you get dentures, you will see an improvement in your smile and physical features as dentures replace your missing teeth. Dentures are essential to maintaining your face’s proper bone and gum structure. See how our dentures can further benefit you.

Contact Our Ohio Dentist for Dentures

See how dentures can transform your smile with new dentures in Ohio. Call 330-655-2916 to speak with a representative at Village Dental today. We are ready to help new patients who need dentures or repairs to existing denture work.

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